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Wooden Toys

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Baby Fire Engine
Another new range from Wonderworld - the "Baby" series. This Baby Fire Engine has a yellow siren ..
Fire Engine Sorter
The sides of this Pulll Along Fire Engine act as a sorting board encouraging children to match an..
Waggy Garden
Waggy Garden is slightly slanted to facilitate a child's actual sorting motion and it can also be..
SPACY greatly entertains baby 's curiosity through its attractive forms and colors. Not only the ..
Village 3D Domino
Young ones will enjoy this new 3-dimensional Domino Game by building their own village using brig..
Chubby Cater Pull Along
When Chubby Cater moves, the bright colours stimulate children and encourage their forward moving..
Wooden Rainbow Tower
Wooden Rainbow Tower Seven Rainbow Colours. Learn to dismantle and build the tower. Small..
Nesting Hen
Where do eggs come from? Not only is this a fun pull-along toy encouraging first steps, but this ..
Sprinter Cater pull along
Pulling along a toy has never been more interesting! SPRINTER CATER can assist the child with..
Hexi Twist
A great manipulative tool to learn about hand-eye co-ordination. Grasping and shaking toy produce..
Rolling Raindrop
I can follow the motion of the “Rolling Rain Drop” with my eyes as it rolls to produce clicking r..
Twisty Moby
As I can manipulate my fingers and hands with better skill, I come to learn about hand-eye coordi..
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